About us


We aim to carefully design luxury, exclusive, and meaninguful products that not only portray our company culture but also enhances the ability to live it.


To become a leading lifestyle boutique where shopping becomes a unique experience.


Selling an exclusive experience at our store is about more than just the exclusive high-end selections. We prefer to title our sales staff as professional stylists, because we hire and train with the intent of every customer being taken care of at aVIP status by an approachable staff member with extensive knowledge of everything from fabrication to fit. For the customer who isn’t quite sure what shirt will go best with those bottoms, what shoes and accesories with those tuxe, suits or gowns, our stylists are available to prepare a personalized rack outside of the dressing room after a casual consultation relating to the customer’s preferences, occasion or event type, and other relevant qualifications.

Our store has an open bar in order to offer full service to our customers and make their shopping experience unforgetable. We also offer in house tailoring to make sure all of our customers leave with the perfect fit. Our staff has been trained to always be attentive to our customers needs. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our professional stylist. You will be asked few questions in order for him/her to have different options ready for you prior to the appointment.Our excellent customer service has allowed us to create an amazing relationship with our customers, making it easier for our stylist to get to know more about the customer taste, budget, and needs. We are always prepare for our returning customers.